About Us
 I am a long time resident and ranch wife in the Roundup area, and raise and milk a small herd of dairy goats north of town.
Because of skin allergies and allergies to dairy products, I use goat milk to drink, for yogurts, cheese, soaps, lotions and butters, liquid soap and laundry soap.
Struggling with my own skin problems and finding little help from commercial products, encouraged me to experiment with many soap recipes.  With my products, I no longer suffer from dry, itchy, bleeding skin.
I make all my soap in small batches (using olive oil,coconut, palm oils, and shea butter, with no filler oils) so that I may sample from each batch and can keep my supplies fresh.  I try to keep my prices low enough so that people can enjoy them, and those who really benefit from them can afford to keep using them.
I have worked with customers with special needs and concerns, and now offer some other goat milk products.
Why handmade goat's milk soap?
Handmade goat's milk soaps are usually made with natural, high quality ingredients and contain their natural glycerin, which is a natural humectant that attracts and retains moisture on your skin.
Many commercial soapmakers remove much of the glycerin in the soap to make other products, and add chemicals to the soap.
Amino acids, vitamins, and proteins contained in milk are absorbed by the skin.  Goat's milk contains special proteins and triglycerides that are more easily absorbed by the skin. Goat's milk contains Vitamin E and caprylic acid (which helps reduce the aklinity in soap, maintaining a slightly acid condition which healthy skin generates to prevent bacterial invasion).  It is a natural antifungal agent, is more gentle and moisturizing than many other soaps.


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